What your ads look like.

It’s a complicated world out there, and it’s getting more complex every day. Building marketing and remarketing campaigns is far from straightforward.

The good news is that we keep on top of this for you. When it comes to running your business, you are the expert – but when it comes to finding which online method is going to work for your objectives, we are right on top of it. Because we work on it all the time, we are best able to build the right solution for you.

We use Google Ads, Facebook ads, Twitter and LinkedIn ads as well as others. We use tracking and remarketing methods and apply the relevant code onto your site to make sure these systems work well for you. As new methods of advertising and new sites find ways to monetize their content we will keep you up to speed.

Examples of ads:


Search Ads:

Search Ads go right to the top of the pile in the Google search. If someone searches for Chiropractor Chicago, for example, an advertiser who has bid on those search words will float to the top, or close to it, dependent on their bid on the search words. Search ads are a powerful tool, and may be right for you. However, there’s a lot to the use of search ads. For example a dietitian advertising healthy their service may find themselves competing for the top of the search with a food company marketing a weight loss product. Likely they have a slightly smaller budget for advertising than the food company – so they’re unlikely to reach the top of the search based on bid, without spending a great deal of their budget. You have to know how and when to use this form of advertising to use it cost effectively. Good job you have a friend in the business!

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Display Ads:

Display ads don’t appear on the search page that Google is primarily known for. Display ads appear on a myriad of sites either run by, or associated with Google, and also on sites run by third parties such as GenR8Tor.com, news organisations and practically any web publisher of much size. They are very powerful, can be targetted and are the primary tool for people using Remarketing Campaigns. Below are some examples,

Medium Display Ad:

Horizontal Display Ad:

250×250 Display Ad:

Content on the above ads look familiar? Likely the advertisers are using a Remarketing campaign. These campaigns draw on your history as someone who has browsed certain sites, and then market to you according to your historical use of the web. These are extremely powerful campaigns. We are experts in the use of such methods and are ready to apply them for you right away.


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With a versatile range of behavior driven targeting options Facebook offers some cost effective solutions to advertising. Some are better than others and it’s a complicated maze to navigate. We continually monitor your campaign performance and switch budget to those ads and campaigns that are performing at peak efficiency.


LinkedIn has a useful facility allowing you to target advertising by job title among other useful factors. Below is an example of LinkedIn’s promoted content.

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Twitter’s promoted content sits within the stream of Tweets. This channel is growing fast and offers some interesting targeting methods. It’s not difficult to target Twitter advertising at people who use services similar to the services you offer, meaning a wealth of opportunity for quick thinking businesses. You can see which Tweets are paid content by looking for the ‘Promoted by’ label at the foot of the Tweet.



We monitor other channels to see which will emerge as the right one for you.