There are some people out there looking for validation on the net. They will tweet or comment or share contentious content, usually to drive clicks or traffic – but not for any constructive reason. It’s mind boggling how much time these people can swallow from passers by on the net. They are the modern day vampires, sucking time out of the lives of their many followers. However there is a more sinister aspect to such messages.

‘Click bait’ headlines are both irritating and seductive.

  • “12 animal cruelty lawsuits you would never believe!”
  • “3 Pictures which make us ask, ‘Should Yoga Pant’s be made illegal’”
  • “The three indicators you are living with a serial killer.”

Obviously, in the above examples the only one that might have anything valid, important or of informative value is the question of yoga pants – one that stirs the feelings of righteous indignation and desire for strengthening of the democratic process. I think we can all agree that yoga pants should not be made illegal, except for people either over 250 lbs, or over 55. In the case of the wearer being both over 250 lbs and over 55 there seems adequate grounds for immediate custodial sentancing.

However, there’s an interesting sidenote to consider when thinking about these click bait tweets and posts. When people respond to them they are usually led into a website, and likely one that promotes a particualr type of content. The person being drawn in has effectively identified themselves as receptive to that particular form of messaging – and can be tagged with a remarketing cookie to show themselves to be so inclined.

Google Remarketing is a tremendous tool for delivering ad content to an audience that have already visited a specific website. The visitor is tagged, and then the advertisements they subsequently see on Google and affiliated websites can be tailored according to that tag.

The tag cookie can be used to subsequently deliver further advertising content to those same individuals in the certain knowledge that they are receptive to a specific kind of messaging. They’ve basically tagged themselves to say, ‘Hey, I’m receptive to a particular kind of message – give me more!’, and as a result will see those messgaes over and over again.

As someone involved in the business of suggestion, and of marketing, I find this is a very interesting thing to know about someone. How we engage, and how we commuicate with a target audience is central to persuading them to do something.

Imagine getting this message time and time again, having already identified yourself as a responder to list type click bait:

  • “Three reasons you need to buy Never Pay Earthquake and Lightning Strike Insurance.”

We live in a dangerous and perverse world. It’s also a world of opportunity! By the way, you’ve been tagged.

Rob Hadley

Welcome to your new marketing department!

It's nice to have powerful friends when you run your own business.
It’s nice to have powerful friends when you run your own business.

When you engage with you give yourself a team of technical marketing professionals that will change your business. Think of it as changing up a little and moving up the food chain of business. You’re moving from fish to shark.

The presentation below will give you a clear outline of the steps you’ll engage in. And that really is the way to think of it. If you take the following steps and work through the process, then you’ll achieve the outcome you’ve committed to.

Pretty soon you’re going to find it’s nice to have some nice sharp teeth.

Phone Warrior – Getting rid of time wasters. This is a unique and fascinating piece of software. I first installed it so that I had an up to date call blocker, to stymie unwanted calls from unwelcome callers. I don’t have many such callers, but my life is just too short to waste dealing with people I don’t have time for. However, after installing, I found it also helped in contact management, messaging and preventing spam texts.

I love this thing for both it’s simplicity and it’s expandability. It also ties in to an online community and puts the wisdom of crowds to good effect. You can see caller profiles which are cloud based, and have others users of the app contributing to them. The longer you use it, likely the more powerful it will become. I suspect that in the coming months we’ll see far more from both this company and a broader set of applications for the tools within the existing suite.

It’s a free product, and if you don’t already have a call blocker, install it for a week and see how you like it. You may find yourself very surprised.

Great power tools for small business – Call Center Pro, for Android phones.

Call Center Pro, for Android phones. This is a phenomenal piece of call center software which allows you to quickly work through the list of calls you need to make in a systematic and productive fashion. If you are making from five to fifty calls out to prospective clients, running this software will make it simpler, more likely to convert to a client, and way easier.

If you are running a large company handling thousands of calls, this may not be for you – however if you know very well the best person in the business to make calls to your prospects is you, then this allows you to do so with easy efficiency. Personally, I’d rather make calls like that myself than leave it to others. I love this thing!

I have used this device in the past when going on a long car journey, simply setting it running and working through a list of thirty calls as I drive – hands free and totally happy. Equally, I’ve used it while on the beach in the sun, knowing I have to rip through a call list before I can truly relax. While you don’t particularly have to use it like that, the fact remains that you will convert more calls to clients if you do them when you feel in the mood, and confident about talking to them. Call Center Pro gives me the facility to wait until I want to address those calls, and then I can do so with a positive mindset and set up exactly how I would like to be. For me, this equals more sales.

You can either load a data sheet, or simply work from a selection of your phone contacts. This translates to mean, you can hit a big list or a small one – both are easy. They’ve kept it simple enough not to frighten away those who don’t like technology, and yet for the technically minded there’s plenty of functionality there. Want to be a real star? Integrate the way you collect data with easily loaded call lists by collecting them on Google Sheets and downloading them to the call centers data list. You can get pretty fancy if you want to.

It’s a great tool, and it only costs $20.00.

Making Mailchimp sing and dance. has been around a while, so there’s nothing new there. However, what’s becoming something of a game changer is switching up the way it’s used to embrace micro-lists. In the past many people have used this type of mailing tool to hit a general email list. That is so 1998! Here’s how to make a micro-list work for you.

Here’s how to make it sing.

1. Identify a specific product or service you market that is a little niched.
2. Create a list (name it very specifically) and enter one seed (or your own) email address.
3. Look for the tab that says “Sign up forms”, and select to embedded forms.
4. Once on the page which gives you the code for your form, change the form title from “Subscribe to our mailing list” to “I’m interested in having you contact me about this service.”
5. Embed the code on a page in your website specific to the particular service you are promoting and start gathering contact details.

You will be emailed by Mailchimp each time someone adds themselves to your list, for that particular service. You can respond to them individually if you chose, just by contacting them through your general email, or you can hit the group from time to time. You’re going to gradually build a list of people very specifically interested in a product or service you provide – so you can target them very accurately. With a ‘micro list’ like this you can expect very high percentage of conversion because the potential client is so specifically bought into the product. This gives you an ongoing connection, a simple database within Mailchimp, and a downloadable set of data that you can apply in many new ways as time goes on.