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Service on Demand

Using is a little like having your own marketing department, except that you don’t have to pay them to sit around and do nothing half the time. ┬áThat’s really one of the coolest things about GenR8Tor – it’s all about using the service on demand.

Muscle of Great Marketing

This makes our service suitable for small and medium sized businesses that don’t want the expense of their own marketing team, but are prepared to buy the service when they need it. So you get the muscle of great marketing driving clients through your front door, without the costs of having to hire, train experiment and probably fire half the team before you get it just right.

A Business That Doesn’t Have Any Marketing Isn’t a Business for Very Long

Many people are great at the work they provide for their clients, but marketing just isn’t their key skill. That’s not a problem – as long as it happens. A business that doesn’t have any marketing isn’t a business for very long. It’s also no fun. Running a business with plenty of clients is way more rewarding than seeing your dream company with an empty order book.

We’re Here for Small to Medium Sized Businesses

So, we have an unusual place in the business environment. We’re here for small to medium sized businesses that are serious about growing and staying in business. Some examples are listed in the pages in the drop down menu at the head of this page, but don’t for an instance think we limit ourselves to those alone. We are constantly surprised by who wants us to work with them!