Working with: Hypnotherapists

How we work with Hypnotherapists.

We love to work with hypnotherapists. So much so, we even have a special bundled package that starts at only $250.00. We offer this because we have such extensive experience in this particular market and can draw on the wealth of practice we’ve already had. Be sure to ask for details of this package when you contact us.

GenR8Tor methods have been used to support hypnotherapists since 2007. Canada’s largest therapy practice was built on it. We have a proven track record in accurately targeting people in your area and appealing to them in a powerful way that is sure to drive new clients right to you.

It’s a sad fact, but most hypnotherapists don’t have a great deal of marketing experience. That’s ok, as long as you work with someone who has. Like any other business, a hypnotherapy practice needs marketing, otherwise it’s only a matter of time before it tanks.

Hypnotherapy has a great deal to offer and many ways to improve the lives of people,but with out proper marketing a practitioner only reaches a fraction of the people they can help. Some never get to achieve their true potential, or help the many the could, purely because they ignore the essentials of promoting their business.

As you likely know, clients who are bought into the practice do best. If you are not reaching a broad spectrum of people you will run out of those most likely to be highly receptive to suggestion. By casting a wider net you will not only improve your business, you’ll help many more people.

Well, we’re here to help with that. This is a field in which we literally wrote the book. You can buy it here:


Give us a call on Skype and let’s see how many clients we can drive right to you.