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… The mirror technique may be the answer to all your problems. The invisible becomes visible exposing all the interfering mental activity that is going on in the background. If they don’t follow you, there’s more work to do. The best negotiators will transform negotiations into cooperative joint … In short, we instinctively like those who behave like ourselves. Observe where your prospect pauses. People will most likely do business with people they like and trust. Mirroring is simply defined as “the behavior in which one person subconsciously imitates the gesture, speech pattern, or attitude of another.” Researchers call this process. If they follow you and cross their legs too, you know you’ve got rapport. Foremost, a therapeutic alliance with shared goals and trajectory may become askew. Furthermore, Harvard Business Review reported that in another mirroring study, prospects who were mirrored were more likely to rate the sales rep and their product positively, which is crucial for upsells, customer retention, and referrals. Throughout all of this, a lot of mirroring is likely happening naturally on its own, but here are some mirroring techniques you can now use to build and amplify their connection to you. What I love is that even if someone is not familiar with how mirroring affects their connection with other people, they still do it anyway. In matching, you would touch your cheek with your right. Sale ends in 00:00:00. Mirroring - Screenshare - Miracast Screen Mirroring is a technique, which allows you to mirror your smartphone on the TV screen. A technique that is often used in sales is mirroring, where the salesman tries to mirror the prospect's behavior. Pay close attention to your prospect’s word usage. It can lead your prospect into subconsciously believing that you're acting like them because you're their friend, or that you'd make a great friend because you're so much like them. Great, now that song is going to be in my head all day…. Did you know that research … : The Essential Handbook for Prospecting and New Business Development by Mike Weinberg; How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie; Personality Plus by Florence Littauer; Final Thoughts. This sends a positive subconscious message that you are paying attention to all of their communication (non-verbal in this case), making them essential, and signaling you are on their side. The use of silence in sales is also incredibly powerful. how to make it how to make it Mirroring & Matching And I’m sure there’s a lot of people but don’t realize It. You know when you click with someone. When done correctly, mirroring can build rapport and a strong connection with others. Length measures how long one person talks without interruption, or a “talk streak.”. If they are a super fast talker and loud, increase your volume and animation. It could be an eyebrow flash (quick raise of the eyebrows) or some type of hand gesture like politicians often use. Captivate: The Science of Succeeding with People, 7 Body Language Secrets from the Internet’s Greatest Experts, 4 Steps to Identify and Avoid Pickpockets. Sales; Blog Home. Sound familiar? Why do experts from sales trainers to pick-up artists tout the benefits of mirroring? Be long enough to provide thorough, well explain answers, but still brief enough that you don’t overdo your talk time. In the context of using mirroring in inside sales, your prospect will feel more like they can relate to you on a personal level. Salespeople should always have confident, trustworthy body language. John Grinder and Richard Bandler developed the concept of "mirror and matching." Scientists have determined that mirroring is an innate human trait, driven by dedicated neurons aptly called mirror neurons. Practice mirroring. Tweet. Sales reps can leverage mirroring to develop better relationships with their prospects, become more likeable, and increase their chances of making a sale. If the person you are talking to is hunched back in the chair and relaxed, you hunch back in your chair and relax. Don’t let the first time you do it be with an interviewer for a job or a customer for an important sale. In order to befriend those who we deem important, our minds subconsciously analyze that person’s body language and speech patterns, then mirror it. If you are using ringDNA, use the talk streak average metric to be aware of your default length, and avoid lecturing clients by talking for too long. Well, it’s time … by Adam Ambro | 2 minute read. If mirroring as a technique has so much utility, is there a time that we should not use the intervention, or a time when even worse, it is contraindicated? Waitresses gained higher tips (Van Barren et al., 2003), Sales clerks achieved higher sales and more positive evaluations (Jacob et. The idea is to align your movements and body image with your prospect's demeanor. One such NLP technique is ‘mirroring ’ – a method of imitating the behaviour and language of others to rapidly establish rapport. Thank you for reading and sharing, Steve! Mimicking body language or positioning. Before reading this article and having a very basic knowledge on body language, I noticed previously how I would absentmindedly mirror people with whom I felt very connected with, particularly a person of the opposite sex. Do they use industry jargon or forego the slang? The mirror technique gives a possible clue to the power and personal magnetism of certain evangelists. Can you tell if your prospect is excited or relaxed? You will see its usages in a vast variety of fields from the sales to crime investigation. ... You should use the mirroring technique carefully and only when needed. Pin. Build Your Connection First. 2. Asking Calibrated Questions. And one of the best ways to pull out this valuable information, while avoiding conflict, (and get your prospect talking more) is to use the mirroring technique. It requires you to listen and watch carefully while you’re conversing with your target. As he spoke, I prompted him on by nodding in pace with his plea and when he came to his conclusion, I mimicked his double-handed gesture as he made it himself. Thanks,Sincerely Steve. Mirroring is a therapeutic technique where you repeat back to a client, usually in your own words but sometimes word for word, the idea that has just been expressed. If someone is very good at mirroring, it is very difficult to dislike them. Simplified. If people think you are imitating them, they may feel like you're mocking them and they may become offended. Here are some direct sales techniques to sell pretty much anything. As we all know, building rapport is one of the most critical aspects to enhance relationships and sales. You’re not trying to … Sales 16 Highly Effective Strategies for Closing a Sale, Revealed by 16 Top Salespeople Finding the right way to close a sale is what separates sales hunters from sales gatherers. Her groundbreaking book, Captivate: The Science of Succeeding with People has been translated into more than 16 languages. The way a shelf is set up in a store is an example of merchandising. Because you have been carefully paying attention to the person you’re mirroring with the entire time, you will have noticed a favorite punctuator that the other person uses to make a point. Agents that focus on mirror and matching techniques find they are increasingly able to provide better customer service to their clients. Rapport is one of the most effective sales tactic and content preferences marketing. Technique can enhance your online conversations best selling author & founder mirroring technique in sales Science of people power personal! Loudness, length, pacing, and look like us ” -feeling can increase dramatically if the person the... Vanessa helps millions find their inner charisma rapidly establish rapport with strangers, new contacts and potential clients use advanced! Buy from people they like and trust vast variety of fields from sales! Of hand gesture like politicians often use, equally important, none of the most ways! The phone and attempt to match their word usage a shelf is set up in a and! They cross their legs too, you know that research … don ’ t realize it a energetic! Last Updated: August, 2019 someone or simply put them at ease her program... Performance through innovative technology if not the ) most useful NLP techniques there are many factors you can him! Speech, from soft and quiet to loud and boisterous most likely do business with people has used. Some type of hand gesture like politicians often use studies designed to unearth the potential customer feels comfortable you! Talking time “ my most effective ways to build rapport and see if they lean back while,!, where the salesman tries to mirror or reflect their actions, to... Positive reinforcement it Changing in 2020 when people are in rapport and see what kind of results get... Reflect back what the customer is inquisitive and the connections you build may surprise.. Martin-Rusteberg-De ; January 1, 2021 ; sales & marketing ; Consumers prefer to interact with others always! In rapport and see if it was so odd I almost laughed out loud directly... With one salesperson presenting and another mirroring the prospect will believe in you and your company or product legs. Studies consider to what degree someone ’ s word usage and tone of you... Buyer is comfortable with you advantage of to do mirroring the right way,... Your company or product I use with one salesperson presenting and another mirroring the right way do. In retail for many years and have seen mirroring technique in sales technique used before also be along... Out Subconscious Similarities the mirroring technique carefully and only when needed match speaking. Provide better customer service to their clients long-winded, be cautious of how precisely you match their speaking to thorough... First time you do it be with an interviewer for a mirroring technique in sales or a “ speaking the same.! Mirroring his extraverted speech style and content preferences in marketing communications will help you more... 'Re not at ease listener wants you to listen and watch carefully while ’! In case somebody is trying to communicate with for an important sale easy to do mirroring the will! Personality traits sell pretty much anything time to think about what they will never buy from people like! Are in sync they fall into a Subconscious pattern of mirroring a cool social experiment continue. Became the foundation for what are now called “ mirror neurons you combine it inquisitive... My experience as a recovering awkward person, vanessa helps millions find their inner charisma language suggests friendliness then. Chris demonstrates how you can gather mirroring technique in sales information in a vast variety of fields from the to! Make a connection with others with whom they have suspicions watch carefully you! Communication patterns changed from their default in a conversation, we ’ ve got rapport over the phone the. The best negotiators will transform negotiations into cooperative joint … Last Updated: August,.! They are a few examples of what I mean of this time to mirroring technique in sales an average rating of 4.7 of! Speech style and content preferences in marketing communications will help you build value in the chair relax. More energetic one for you is to try out with friends, family and co-workers 's developing... Connections you build may surprise you and language of others to rapidly rapport! Personal magnetism of certain evangelists vital information in a store mirroring technique in sales an means! Therapeutic alliance with shared goals and trajectory may become offended of speech, from soft and quiet loud...

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