Great power tools for small business – Call Center Pro, for Android phones.

Call Center Pro, for Android phones. is a phenomenal piece of call center software which allows you to quickly work through the list of calls you need to make in a systematic and productive fashion. If you are making from five to fifty calls out to prospective clients, running this software will make it simpler, more likely to convert to a client, and way easier.

If you are running a large company handling thousands of calls, this may not be for you – however if you know very well the best person in the business to make calls to your prospects is you, then this allows you to do so with easy efficiency. Personally, I’d rather make calls like that myself than leave it to others. I love this thing!

I have used this device in the past when going on a long car journey, simply setting it running and working through a list of thirty calls as I drive – hands free and totally happy. Equally, I’ve used it while on the beach in the sun, knowing I have to rip through a call list before I can truly relax. While you don’t particularly have to use it like that, the fact remains that you will convert more calls to clients if you do them when you feel in the mood, and confident about talking to them. Call Center Pro gives me the facility to wait until I want to address those calls, and then I can do so with a positive mindset and set up exactly how I would like to be. For me, this equals more sales.

You can either load a data sheet, or simply work from a selection of your phone contacts. This translates to mean, you can hit a big list or a small one – both are easy. They’ve kept it simple enough not to frighten away those who don’t like technology, and yet for the technically minded there’s plenty of functionality there. Want to be a real star? Integrate the way you collect data with easily loaded call lists by collecting them on Google Sheets and downloading them to the call centers data list. You can get pretty fancy if you want to.

It’s a great tool, and it only costs $20.00.

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