Making Mailchimp sing and dance. has been around a while, so there’s nothing new there. However, what’s becoming something of a game changer is switching up the way it’s used to embrace micro-lists. In the past many people have used this type of mailing tool to hit a general email list. That is so 1998! Here’s how to make a micro-list work for you.

Here’s how to make it sing.

1. Identify a specific product or service you market that is a little niched.
2. Create a list (name it very specifically) and enter one seed (or your own) email address.
3. Look for the tab that says “Sign up forms”, and select to embedded forms.
4. Once on the page which gives you the code for your form, change the form title from “Subscribe to our mailing list” to “I’m interested in having you contact me about this service.”
5. Embed the code on a page in your website specific to the particular service you are promoting and start gathering contact details.

You will be emailed by Mailchimp each time someone adds themselves to your list, for that particular service. You can respond to them individually if you chose, just by contacting them through your general email, or you can hit the group from time to time. You’re going to gradually build a list of people very specifically interested in a product or service you provide – so you can target them very accurately. With a ‘micro list’ like this you can expect very high percentage of conversion because the potential client is so specifically bought into the product. This gives you an ongoing connection, a simple database within Mailchimp, and a downloadable set of data that you can apply in many new ways as time goes on.

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