Phone Warrior – Getting rid of time wasters. This is a unique and fascinating piece of software. I first installed it so that I had an up to date call blocker, to stymie unwanted calls from unwelcome callers. I don’t have many such callers, but my life is just too short to waste dealing with people I don’t have time for. However, after installing, I found it also helped in contact management, messaging and preventing spam texts.

I love this thing for both it’s simplicity and it’s expandability. It also ties in to an online community and puts the wisdom of crowds to good effect. You can see caller profiles which are cloud based, and have others users of the app contributing to them. The longer you use it, likely the more powerful it will become. I suspect that in the coming months we’ll see far more from both this company and a broader set of applications for the tools within the existing suite.

It’s a free product, and if you don’t already have a call blocker, install it for a week and see how you like it. You may find yourself very surprised.