Working with: Life Coaches

How we work with Life Coaches.

Life coaches are great at promoting themselves and getting out into the community and building awareness. However, like anyone who relies strongly on referal and word of mouth, there’s a real problem.

It’s challenging to keep awareness with that perfect client, so that when they make the decision to see a life coach, you are their number one choice. Here’s an example of how this is a tricky field.

Let’s say you’ve worked with a client for several months, and they’ve made great progress. Your client mentions you to one of their friends and gives a glowing reference, saying how well you’ve helped them. So far so good.

However, at the time their friend is not quite sure if they need a life coach. Perhaps they check out your website, but they’re not quite ready. They store the information away in the back of their mind for later. Two months down the road, they decide – I need a coach, and I need them now!

Trouble is, they’re not really sure who that coach was that so and so said was so good. So, they go to Google, and do a search. There’s three there, and they choose the top one, which isn’t you. Ouch! Your referral just got your competition business.

You’d be surprised how often this happens. We’ve had people contact us many times, telling us they love our TV ad, and want to do business with us. Great! Except we don’t run a TV ad.

We have a great solution for a case like this. We use a ‘remarketing’ campaign, so that any visitor to your site is tagged with a piece of code, and your ads then appear on any site running Google’s advertising – and that’s a lot of sites. Your client not only remembers your name, it becomes firmly embedded in their mind. This is a powerful and sophisticated campaign, though it takes a bit of setting up.

When you are ready to start turning your great reputation into new clients fill out the form here: the outsiders essay questions We’ll be in touch shortly and start bringing you some new clients before you can say “What? I don’t run any TV ads!”