Working with: Personal Trainers

How we work with Personal Trainers.

You know who your best clients are. You likely have them stored in a list, or if you’re really organised a database somewhere. These days there are some very sophisticated tools that can help you stay organised. However, if you are like most personal trainers your body is fit, but your marketing skills may not be quite as sharp.

That’s why we have quite a few personal trainers on our books. They know they do a great job in the gym, but they need a little bit of extra help when it comes to generating clients. That’s where we come in.

It’s not so hard. Take a look at your client list. Choose the top 20%, whether it’s two or three or a dozen, it’s fine. You may choose those top 20% by how much revenue they generate, who simply who you enjoy working with most. Remember, it’s not always just about the money. You do what you do because it gives you the lifestyle you want – just between you and me, our team is much the same!

Now take a good look at that top 20%. Do they have anything in common? What’s their age range? Do they all live in the same sort of area? Is it a particularly affluent group? Are they all students? Once you have a clear idea who they really are, fill out the form here: cool essay

You’ve got the target group organised now, so all you really need to decide is how much you are prepared to commit to getting those new clients. The first time you do this you may go for the Impulse level campaign, just to test it out. Don’t worry, you’re going to do fine.

Before long you are going to find you have more clients, and you are getting very much busier. Better than that, you are getting the type of client you want!