Working with: Realtors

How we are helping Realtors across North America, Australia and the UK. is a powerful tool for anyone in real estate. We’re able to work on a ‘push’ and ‘pull’ solution. I’ll explain that a little.

If you need properties in a particular area then we’re very likely to be able to find you clients who are selling their properties. We can do this through the very accurate location targeting we’re able to use in our online campaigns. You can add several new houses or offices to your book, simply by targeting a campaign into a specific location.

Equally, if you have properties you need to move, we can help you find buyers. It’s not so hard – all you need to do is target those residential areas nearby, and look for families that are either upsizing or downsizing.

For example: A two bedroom house may appeal to a family that has just seen the kids go off to college, and want to let go of their four bedroom property. So, by aiming at 50 – 65 year old buyers in nearby locations you are refining your market to hit an accurate segment.

Equally, by targeting people who recently go engaged you can zone in accurately on people just coming into the market, looking to start a family.

This is just one example of how we can target our campaigns to generate the right kid of response for Realtors.

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